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Connect cross source public life science data and data services directly in Excel.

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Window 10 CompatibleTry Helium for yourself with this free Helium for Excel Community Edition. The Community Edition showcases Helium?s power in the chemistry and pharmacology domains. It provides nearly 50 functions that allow you to consume the data and analytical services from several life science research repositories -- all in a data-type context and all directly within Excel. Sources include: ChEBI, ChemBank, ChEMBL, ChemSpider, KEGG, Open PHACTS, PubChem, PubMed. If you like what you see, contact the Ceiba Helium team to learn how this platform can give you and your organization a new-found power to easily access, relate, and use your data. Helium is extensible across life science domains and beyond: - New data source plugins, data-typing logic, and functions are easily added -- build your own, or we'll help you. - Helium can work within Spotfire, Microsoft OneNote, and other popular user interfaces. - Additional functionality enables rich data orchestration among data sources, user interfaces, workflow systems, and data management systems to make a complete analytical workbench.

Download and use it now: Helium for Excel Community Edition

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